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Las Olas distribution is a full service distribution company unlike any other. We make it extremely easy to get into the craft beer business by furnishing you all the components you need to get selling beer today. From the freezer, temperature controller, tap towers, co2 cylinders, regulators and hoses, Las Olas has you covered.

Our service and commitment to our clients doesn't stop there, once you are up and running selling craft beverages we maintain the system. We exchange out C02 cylinders, this means no more running to Libera trying to get your c02 filled and down days selling. We also clean the systems tap lines ensuring your customers the freshest tasting beer in Costa Rica.

We work with some of the most innovative craft breweries and kombucha companies in the country, providing you with the products your customers want, leading to faster sales and more profit for you.

Contact us to get started in the craft beverage market today.

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